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Woodley Taylor

Perry Road Records were proud to be able to support Dale Taylor through the Artist Development Program funding - Arriving into Perry Road Studios back in 2018 as Dale Taylor,  Dale started working with producer Greg Stephenson on an album and with Artist Development team leader Gilly Lee.  Over the coming months they worked on the tracks in the recording studio and on brand identity, marketing, pr and album release with the artist development - The Album 'Breathe a Little Deeper' - the outcome Woodley Taylor. 

Arriving as a solo acoustic artist, working the multi-instrumental Producer, Arranger and composer Greg, they created an anthemic 'all thriller no filler' album.  After putting together, and rehearsing, the right band to perform the tracks on stage the album was then ready for it's official launch - job done... Woodley Taylor - 'Breathe A Little Deeper' is available on all major platforms. 



Greg Stephenson Producer and Woodley Taylor.jpg
Artist Development at Perry Road Records with Dale Taylor - Woodley Taylor.jpg
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