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Taryn Bishop

Taryn was born with a burning compulsion to sing, dance & act. Born in the UK, Taryn spent her childhood in Norway, returning to England to continue her singing and performing arts education.  By her teens the English singer/songwriter already had a wealth of emotions and passions. Signing to Perry Road Records in 2010 Taryn worked with producer Greg Stephenson, through whose encouragement & experience her range of style evolved.  


Everyone Else - Taryn's debut album moves seemlessly through genres, from gentle ballads to thumping rock anthems, her versatile yet powerful voice allowing her to effortlessly cross between musical styles.

During the following years Taryn traveled through the USA and Europe, settling in France for 4 years, during which time Taryn started work with the  label on a second album, with the focus on Country Rock and through collaboration with other Perry Road Records artists.  But, the story wasn't done there.....

Having also pursued here passion of acting, following parts on stage and in commercials Taryn got her break and was cast as 'Zoya' in Nicholas Winter's 'Hooligan Escape' The Russian Job.  The film made it's debut in May this year (2018).

So do date; Album 2 is 'shelved' but never say never.......

Taryn Bishop -  is a story still in the making.....

Taryn - Taryn Bishop - Perry Road Records
Everyone Else - Taryn - Taryn Bishop Album
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