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New Artist Development artist; Leah Greenhill joined the Program in April as a complete beginner, having never sung in front of anyone, including her family, but with a lifelong dream to be a performer.  


After a busy and fun Summer - Including Radio Airplay,



Leah's tailored Development Program is covering;  Songwriting sessions, Performance, Stage Craft; Brand Identity; Marketing; Recording - Leah's been working really hard with label A&R Gilly and Studio Producer Greg -


Leah enjoyed a fantastic photoshoot/ videoshoot day to create the Single/Album cover artwork.  

Keep checking in here - or our social media: @perryroadstudios - facebook to find out more...


Artist Development Program

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Designed to provide artists with the elements needed to enable them to pursue, create and sustain a career in the music industry our Artist Development Programs are tailored to suite you and your bands needs - based on your requirements, learning curve and timescale.


We put together a plan drawing on the modules from our  Program to fit your level of requirement.


Get in touch for more information and talk about how we can work with you through our Artist Development Program.


Artist Development Program

Artist Development Program_edited_edited

Artist Development Program, elements from the program tailored to meet the specific requirements we felt Dale Taylor would benefit from; Looking at, Production & Arrangements, Promotors, Gigs, PR, Media & Branding, Distribution platforms, Collection Societies & Royalty - Arriving as Dale and leaving as Woodley Taylor; the debut album 'Breathe a Little Deeper' has been described as Epic. Recorded,Produced & arranged in our Studios at Perry Road Eng., by Producer Greg Stephenson, attracted great response with 'Breathe a Little Deeper' winning 'The Rock Show' Radios 'Rock Album of The Year 2017'.   

Woodley Taylor

At Perry Road Records we are proud to work as distributors for a range of UK and US artists, including; Aaron Nolan, Liberty for Liars, Nic Edwards, Stephen Dickenson, Rex Drew,Trevor Hensley, - We are delighted to add folk duo 'Silver Lining' to that list with their debut album 'Hand in Hand' out now as download or physical. 

For more info check out our store and major download sites.


Artist Development Program - Taryn Bishop is going from strength to strength. Huge excitement has been reverberating around the office as Taryn, (aka Taryn Bishop)  one of Perry Road Records early signings made her Big screen debut in 'Hooligan Escape' out Autumn 2018 and with another new movie hitting the screens in 2019.

Big congratulations to Taryn - A story still in the making...

After making an impression on the label Taryn following Artist Development Taryn was given a recording contract becoming a signed label artist.



After recording at our Studios, Soothsayer participated in Perry Road Record's Artist Development Program, tailored specifically around them, Following this they were signed to the label with a recording contract and released their debut album 'Soothsayer'.  A change in line up, the following year saw the release of EP 'Landed on My Head'