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Gilly Lee
also performs as Gilly Lee & The Pure of Heart

Gilly Lee, also part of Gilly Lee & The Pure of Heart  - the result of the collaboration of singer/songwriter guitarist Gilly Lee and guitarist, singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and award winning producer Greg Stephenson.

Releases Include: Angels with Desire, Just Break my Heart, Lost in Your Eyes, Spirit Path and Devil's Gotta a Hold of You - Under both Gilly Lee & The Pure of Heart and as a featured artist on Greg Stephenson.

Debut Album: 'Duffle Coat of Blue' is released under Gilly Lee - January 21st available on all major platforms.

Album number 2 is currently being recorded at Perry Road Studios in Cambridgeshire.

Gilly Lee - Perry Road Studios
Greg Stephenson & Gilly Lee
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Duffle Coat of Blue artwork cover - Gilly Lee
Just Break My Heart cover artwork
Spirit Path - Gilly Lee - single artwork cover
Angels with Desire - Gilly Lee - artwork cover
Lost in Your Eyes artwork cover - Gilly Lee & Greg Stephenson
Devil's Gotta Hold of your Soul video image
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