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Soothsayer blend their musical styles to create a unique sounding groove.  Meeting through a cascade of random events  brought them together in a call centre of all places!  Originally a 3 piece, they hit a hiatus, went back into the studio and emerged stronger than before...


"Keeping real to our live acoustic sound is what it's all about for us"


Anthony Hughes ; Guitar – Anthony, originally rocking the sultry accent tones of brummie land lived and travelled around for a few years before moving to the market town of St Neots in Cambridgeshire where by a rare chance of coincidence ended up working with Josh Kasozi, and eventually forming Soothsayer. Originally a metalcore guitarist and dabbling in death metal vocals Anthony always had a soft spot for soul, motown and the bluesy tones of Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Mayer. 

Josh Kasozi; Vocals – Growing up in a big, big family with six siblings music has always been a huge part of Josh’s life, from spontaneous renditions of motown soul while doing chores to singing in church on Sundays. Music has always been a true inspiration for Josh and a strong bond in his family. 

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Soothsayer - NMG Awards
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Soothsayer - Landed on my Head single
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