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artist development program

Live Recording - Perry Road Records Artist Development

Artist Development is the process any musician goes through to develop

their craft, develop their creativity and acquire the skills necessary to

build, and sustain, a professional career in the music industry.

Soothsayer Live Show
Soothsayer English Indie band - Perry Road Records
Perry Road Records Artist Development rehearsal - Perry Road Studios
Perry Road Records Artist Management - Woodley Taylor BBC Introducing
Perry Road Records Artist Development student - Perry Road Studios
Woodley Taylor recording at Perry Road Studios - Artist Development

Our Artist Development Programs are designed to furnish artists with the elements needed to

enable them to build a commercially viable product, establish a fan base, attain critical music business skills and to record and create great music.

Programs are specifically tailored for each artist or band, taking into account their development needs, learning curve and timescale , and are delivered at label HQ and our purpose designed Recording Studio facility, where artists will work with our team of  creative, innovative and experienced industry professionals to deliver these elements via the following Modules:

  1. Talent and Skills: Vocals, Musicianship, Song Craft, Performance Skills;


  • developing your talent and musicianship as an artist,

  • developing performance skills with rehearsals and direction.  The importance of Stage Craft.  Connecting with your audience. Teaching the techniques to translate that Live Show in different settings in order to create the best experience for your audience.


   2. Song Craft:  building on an idea, the elements; melody, lyrics, rhythm and harmony; 


  • Lyrical ability,

  • Song structure and formatting,

  • Composition,

  • Arrangement & production (this is covered again in more depth during the Sound Production Module),


   3.  Sound Production:  Creating a song that makes a strong enough statement artistically & musically; 


  • The Producers Role:  A record producer’s job is to realise the full potential of an artist or band, to creatively guide, shape and mould a piece of music,

  • We help you develop your ability to make an exceptional record. Working through the process of song content and selection (A & R), to recording.  How to turn acoustic songs into Epic tracks.


  • Arrangements; creating a better understanding of what this means through practical experience


  • incorporating emotion and mood, creating a visual image through the use of the Arrangement. 


  • Recording Techniques: Live Sound Set-up, Mixing/Mastering – You will have the opportunity to work in our purpose designed analogue recording studio with our experienced and award winning album Producer & Engineer, incorporating working on tracks created during the Song Craft Module and, where appropriate  your own track(s).


   4. Artist Branding, Image creation, An artist persona;


  • Understanding the importance of these elements and their connection – The face that connects with the entire World.  Who are your fans, what is your message, creating a visual experience.  Elements needed to create a strong brand identity.


  5. Duplication/Replication, Distribution & Sales:


  • Artwork – Bar Codes Images,

  • delivering your product to music platforms, itunes etc. 

  • Registering tracks for Official Music Charts


  6. Promotors, Booking Venues: - Getting your tracks to promotors, securing gigs and festivals.


  7. Marketing, Publicity, PR;  Creating the ‘buzz’,

  • Building a marketing campaign on and off-line.

  • Press and radio coverage.

  • YouTube Channels/Social Media presence & branding


  8. Business Management Skills: Your brand is a business; we look at planning, finance, and accounting.


  9. Copyright & Legal;

  • Publishing, Royalties & Collection Societies, 

  • Registering works, The societies and their role - PRS, MCPS, PPL – ASCAP, BMI. Royalty splits.

  • Mechanical license.


We have, and continue to development, relationships with Industry bodies; The Ivor’s Academy,

AIM, MMF, Music Producers Guild, Association of Professional Recording Studios,

Music Publishers Society, along with videographers, design agencies, distribution companies, PR companies,  Major record labels, managers, promoters and web developers so that we can offer

access to all the key resources that could help you to succeed.

If you would like to find out more about participating in our Artist Development Programs 

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