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Becki Yates

Bedfordshire Singer/songwriter Becki Yates -

Becki took the decision to enter the 2012 UK X Factor and won her way to Boot Camp. Becki’s dream suffered a setback when she went out at Second Stage of Boot Camp. Undeterred Becki picked herself back up and set about another approach. Sometime previously a Cambridgeshire recording studio & record label had contacted Becki on Face Book to ‘Like’ her music and wish her success. Becki decided to follow up on that contact – this led her to Perry Road Studios and Producer Greg Stephenson.

Invited over to Perry Road Studios, Becki was honest and explained that she had no money to fund her dream to record; she just wanted a chance to prove herself. Greg listened to Becki’s story. Perry Road Studios liked this straight talking, quirky looking girl who’s ‘sing like nobody’s listening’ tattoo on her arm and tomboy appearance somehow seems at odds with her petite size and ‘waiflike’ cuteness. Becki was asked to sing something she had written and although nervous, Greg could hear something in Becki’s voice & offered her the chance to work together for a day and see what transpired. Together they worked on lyrics and Greg started to build a song around Becki’s vocals. By the end of the day they played the promo track to Perry Road Records A&R who were impressed. In fact so impressed they offered Becki - the break she needed - a recording deal. 

From that initial session Becki’s dream started to become reality: Becki Yate’s Debut Single - ‘Roll With It’ is released: 10th December 2012 on the Perry Road Records label – the future’s looking positive… 

Becki Yates at Perry Road Records
Roll with It - Becki Yates
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