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Souvenirs from the Edge Album
Greg Stephenson
Electronic Rock with Eastern vibe - latest single release from Greg Stephenson
Shades of Blue - Greg Stephenson
Greg Stephenson
Slow Breathing - Greg Stephenson
Instrumental - Greg Stephenson
Are you sitting Comfortably
Blaine Elderton
Everyone Else - Taryn - Taryn Bishop
Taryn Bishop debut 'killer no filler' album flows seamlessly between gentle ballads and rock anthems
Release Album
I don't know Why - Leah Greenhill
Debut single from Artist Development artist Leah Greenhill. 'I don't know why' Featuring vocals by Leah Greenhill, written and performed by Greg Stephenson.

Download available from itunes, spotify, cdbaby and all major download/streaming platforms.
Landed on my Head EP - Soothsayer
Soothsayer (the album) - Soothsayer
Just Break My Heart - Gilly Lee & The Pure of Heart
Single available now on Spotify, iTunes, Googleplay and major platforms
Gilly Lee
Lost In Your Eyes - EP - Gilly Lee and Greg Stephenson
Spirit Path - Gilly Lee for single
Gilly Lee and The Pure o
Gilly Lee - Dufflecoat of Blue
Chasing Dreams - Dan Barney
Husky Kelly Jones Vocals
Breathe A Little Deeper
Woodley Taylor Debut Album, Produced & Arranged by Greg Stephenson at Perry Road Studios
NED - Love's Last Chance
Nic Edwards - debut album
A Clean Slate - Trevor Hensley
Listen Out There - Trevor Hensley
For One Night Only - Trevor Hensley
Lucky Man - Trevor Hensley
Everyone Else Jack Marriott front for CD baby
Roll With It - Becki Yates
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