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Record - Mix - Master

Experts in analogue  recording and with a selection of vintage and modern equipment and instruments our focus is to help capture your sound. Here you'll find gifted, innovative musicians with experience, skills and creative imagination, along with the gear you are likely to need to get the best possible results whatever your recording project; from demos to full album for release. From voice-overs to audio books, and everything in between.

In conjunction with Perry Road Records Ltd, we offer a range of Recording & Audio post-production Services, along with tailored Artist Development Program, Songwriting, Bespoke Production/ Recording Engineer/ Mix Engineer  Training, Artwork design & preparation and Music Industry Consultation

Needing something else to do with music or sound, get in touch and we will try to help you....  It's what we do


Perry Road Studios recording live band

Whether you're a Band or solo Artist, a demo, single,EP, or Fully Produced Album, what ever size your project - Perry Road Studios is the place to record - Working with an Award winning Producer in a purpose designed, fully soundproofed, air-conditioned, and acoustically treated live room well equipped for all your recording projects. Our focus is to bring your project to life 

Real wood floors & natural light make this a comfortable setting, along with a range of guitars, bass, amps and Sonor drum kit. (We also have a selection of vintage guitars & amps - please contact for details)

Perry Road Studios desk

So this is the bit when all those machines in the racks with the very cool valve indicators come into play:


Our talented, experienced engineer, has worked with a multitude of bands, in the UK and USA, across all genres, and levels of experience, from award winning artists signed to major labels to newcomers, from heavy rock to operatic vocals. He will take all your recorded tracks and blends them using range of procesess; EQ, compression, reverb - adjusting levels, panning - The aim to take your multi track recording and sculpt them to achieve the best outcome - the final mixdown is the ready for mastering. 

 Mastering is the final stage of post-production, it's purpose to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media playback platforms - ensuring your audio will sound the best it can across all platforms.

Album mastering ensures the album sounds consistent and balanced across all the tracks.  Without mastering individual tracks can sound disjointed in relation to each other. 

Voiceovers/ Audio Books
Taryn - Taryn Bishop recording at Perry Road Studios

Bring your own track, or choose one of ours and have your vocals professionally recorded, and your track mixed and mastered.

Live recording at Perry Road Studios

*  Voice-Over 

*  Audio Books

Private & Corporate

clients, all types of voice over work, inc commercials, instructional manuals, videos, games, Audio books. Exporting your project in the format you require.

Tony Marturano author - Audio Books recording at Perry Road Studios
Becki Yates - recording at Perry Road Studios for Perry Road Records

Are you a . . . . . 

Is your . . . . .
Song idea scribbled on a piece of paper? 

Do you have a . . . . . 
Tune in your head without words?


We can help you develop that thought, creating a finished song,  Record it create a Master copy for release and if you'd like to take the next step we'll help you to release it. 

Duplication/ Artwork/ Vinyl Tape Transfers
Cd transfer at Perry Road Studios

Got old tapes you can no longer play.... 

we can transfer these onto CD or


Need Duplication..... We work with a

local pressing plant to provide

excellent, fast and reliable service. 

We can also provide Artwork in house .

Contact us for more details & a price

Artist Development Program
Live Recording band at Perry Road Studios
Live recording vocalists at Perry Road Studios

We are extremely proud of our

ARTIST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in conjunction with Perry Road Records Ltd.-


Designed to furnish the artist with the elements needed to enable them to build a commercially viable product, establish a fan base and attain crucial music business skills.  And most importantly create great music.  Comprising a range of modules covering; stagecraft, artist branding, marketing, promotion, songwriting, vocal coaching, recording, music business planning, collection societies and royalities. For More Info Contact Us here, or checkout

BBC introducing with Woodley Taylor via Perry Road Records artist management
Marketing & Promotion Consultancy 

Our team can create a Marketing and Promotion package tailored specifically to your needs, including; radio airplay, printed media, social media platforms, distribution, or, we can guide you through creating a plan yourself based on these elements.


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