Silver Lining

Helen Hale and Tim Coles first met in 2012, following the tragic death of Helen's husband. Helen had played piano and Tim had strummed a few guitar chords but they quickly discovered their mutual taste in music and that their styles worked well together -


Silver Lining was formed and ventured out into local folk clubs to play "round the room". Initially performing traditional covers. Enthused by the positive reaction they soon began writing their own material.


Their sound was inspired by their love of traditional folk along with their love of 60's and 70's music styles. With melodic vocals and the haunting sound of the traditional hurdy-gurdy the songs have an almost celtic feel.


Following the success of their Debut EP 'Songs from our Travels' Silver Lining returned to the studio to create 'Hand in Hand' a 12 track ablum, which will sweep you along by the infection momentum of traditional folk subtly blended with a modern edge. Of immotive guitars, melodic vocals and the haunting, almost celtic sound of the hurdy-gurdy - evoking sweet wistful memories

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