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Release - Sacred

Release - Sacred

SKU: 5065001423000

From the opening track right through to the closing strains of the last, these are musicians who explore every musical style and emotion available to them.

Yes there are influences but these are masterly transformed into something completely different; something 'Sacred'.

Songs like 'Reason' and 'Close To Me' sit very comfortably with the blatantly commercial 'When U Need Me' and show the depth and versatility of this creative duo".




    1.   Always

    2.   Pretender

    3.   Reason

    4.   Try It

    5.   When u Need Me

    6.   Close to Me

    7.   Hurricane

    8.   Wolfsong

    9.   Bloodstorm

    10. Can't win 'em All

    11. Release



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